REVISION: 12/08/98
BREED GROUP:Munchkin Shorthair/Munchkin Longhair

         HEAD                                   30 points
                      Head Shape        20 points
                      Ears              5 points
                      Eyes              5 points
         BODY                                   55 points
                      Neck              5 points
                      Torso            20 points
                      Legs             15 points
                      Feet             10 points
                      Tail              5 points
         COAT                                   10 points
         COLOR AND MARKINGS             5 points

All Categories, all Divisions, all Colors.

The Munchkin's distinctive short legs developed from a spontaneous autosomal dominant mutation which has occurred several times in the domestic cat. Munchkins exhibit shortening and may have slight bowing of the long bones. The spine is unaffected and similar in form and flexibility to that seen in other domestic cats.

The short legs do not hamper mobility or survival ability. The breed has been established from spontaneously occurring domestic cat lines with augmentation by outcrosses to other domestic cats. Munchkins are outgoing, intelligent, and respond well to being handled.

Any domestic longhair or shorthair not a member of a recognized breed.

White lockets or buttons are permitted.


Shape: Broad modified wedge with rounded contours.
Size: Medium, in proportion to body.
Profile: Slight stop.
Forehead: Flat.
Muzzle Length: Medium.
Whisker Break: Moderate.
Whisker pads: Rounded, but not overly pronounced.
Top of Head: Slightly rounded.
Nose: Medium in length, slight bump is acceptable.
Cheek Bones: High and moderately pronounced.
Chin: Firm, but not unusually prominent.
Misc: Stud jowls in males. Heads on males may appear broader.

Shape: Broader at base, ending in slightly rounded tips.
Size: Medium to medium large (in proportion with head).
Placement: As much on top of the head as on the sides; a continuation of the modified wedge.
Furnishings: Longhair acceptable.

Shape: Walnut
Size: Medium large.
Placement: Rather wide apart, approx. one eye width apart, to give open and alert expression.
Aperture: Slight angle toward the base of the ears.
Color: No relationship between coat and eye color. Deeper, more vivid colors preferred.

Length: Medium in length.
Shape: Thick.
Muscle: Firmly muscled.
Misc: Females will have less muscling on neck than males.

Body type: Thick semi foreign body.
Size: Medium.
Length: Medium.
Back: Slight rise from shoulders to tail when at rest.
Boning: Medium.
Musculature: Medium to substantial.
Chest: Well rounded.
Hips: Firm.
Females: May be smaller than males.
Shoulders Blades: May appear higher than other cats, but should not be prominent.

Shape: Medium thickness, tapering to a rounded tip.
Length: In proportion to body.
Misc: Set high and carried erect when in motion.

Fore legs: Upper and lower forelegs equal in length.
Hind Legs: Thigh and lower leg approximately equal in length. Slightly longer than front legs.
Length: Short.
Boning: Medium, will feel slightly heavier.
Misc: Very slight bowing, in front legs, allowed.

Shape: Round, compact.
Size: Medium, medium large in males.

Density: Medium. Solids may have a less dense coat.
Texture: Plush, all weather, resilient.
Undercoat: Medium.
Misc: Lustrous appearance.

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