WELCOME - any nice pictures of members' kitties?
Get instructions from Webmistress. We will send instructions for e-mailing Photos or snail mailing. Photos will be returned if you include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

In the meantime, here are some photos:

Rubyslippers Hannahs Myst
Here's a cute little tortiepoint and white Munchkin when she was little (she's grown up to be a beauty since then). She lives with new member Robin Stone in Lancaster, PA.

Nice little tortiepoint Munchkin teenager
Kittymews Gardenia Fair

Bluecream and White Munchkin perched on high
Kittymews Squishy

Munchkenland Lance and Munchkenland Nathan
White longhaired Munchkins - pretty regal, huh?

Black male Munchkin juvenile
Kittymews L.S. Marvin

Munchkinlane's Ozwat of Crearwy
This red classic tabby boy resides in the Netherlands with the Judkins family

Pitterpat un-named black and white kitten

Manawyddan Curmudgeon
Red and White longhaired Munchkin

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